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What Happened?

My friend and mentor Jim Powell invited me to attended an amazing writer’s conference (Re:Write Conference – Austin, TX) in October 2013 because he believed in the concept of my book project #41WillCome and felt I would benefit greatly. Benefit greatly? That is an understatement! I was educated, inspired, challenged, reinvigorated, and after what felt like a kick in the face from Mark Batterson’s keynote talk, commissioned by God to dust off my dream and finish what He birthed in my heart over fifteen years ago.

Fastforward to the title of this blog post: I submitted my book proposal into this year’s Re:Write/The Ragged Edge Writing Contest with the hopes and prayers of making the final cut of ten. Done. #BoomGoesTheDynamite #41WillCome

What Does This Mean?

Tyndale House Publishers and the Re:Write Conference speakers will collaborate for the next few weeks and announce the winner on February 27, at the Re:Write Conference in Austin, Texas. The winner will receive a publishing contract with Tyndale and agent representation from The Fedd Agency.

What’s Next?

  • Thank God for getting me this far!
  • Party today. Get back to work tomorrow.
  • Tweak my proposal. If I don’t win I want to be ready to hand out my proposal to industry executives.
  • Finish writing. The book isn’t done yet so I want to complete as much as possible before February 27.
  • Pray. My prayer is not to win. My prayer is for God’s will to be done. This book will get published according to God’s purpose, plan, and process. It’s His book and it’s going to help a lot of people. As long as I do my part He’ll do His.

How You Can Help!

  • Pray for me.
  • Pray for God’s will do to be done with this book.
  • Pray that multitudes will find hope within its pages.
  • Pray for God’s favor (Psalm 5:12, Genesis 39:4) to surround me and this entire project.
  • Join the #41WillCome Tribe:
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    • Begin attaching the hashtag #41WillCome to testimonies and prayer requests via social media.
    • Share this with your family and friends.

What The Heck Does #41WillCome Mean?!

#41WillCome: Seven Ways To Slay Your Giants uncovers the scriptural significance of the number forty-one, drops hope to dream big, and unleashes compelling steps to knock down giants that stand in the way.

  • It rained for forty days and forty nights. Day forty-one came and the rain stopped;
  • Moses committed murder and hid in a desert for forty years. Year forty-one came, Moses was given a second chance, and was commissioned by God to rescue Israel;
  • The children of Israel wandered through the wilderness for forty years. Year forty-one came and a new generation entered into their Promised Land;
  • Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert for forty days and was tempted by the devil. Day forty-one came came, Jesus spoke the Word, the devil fled, and Jesus launched His epic ministry;
  • Goliath challenged Israel for forty days. Day forty-one came, David accepted the challenge and slew Goliath.

Let’s do this! #41WillCome

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  1. Wonderful news!!! I’m so excited for you, Pastor Chuck!!! PTL!!!

    Cheryl Ingham

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  2. WOW!!! Praying!!! Very exciting PC!!! Regardless, your book will be successful. You are an inspiration guided by God!! Hugs to you and Annette. 🙂

  3. are you the only guy on the list?

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