Will Quarantine End On Day 41!?

In Bible, 40 days/years represents waiting/trial41 day/years represents breakthrough/new beginning!


*40 days The Flood lasted
(41 came, the rains stooped and the sun came out)

*40 years Moses fled Egypt and hid
(41 came and Moses received a second chance)

*40 days Moses stayed on the mountain with God
(41 came and he showed up with the Ten Commandments)

*40 years the Israelites wandered the wilderness
(41 came and a new generation entered the Promised Land)

*41 days Goliath challenged and bullied Israel
(41 came and David slew the giant)

*40 days Jonah delivered bad news to Nineveh
(41 came, the people repented and God extended mercy)

*40 days Jesus fasted and prayed
(41 came and Jesus launched His ministry)

*40 days Jesus appeared His disciples after resurrection
(41 came and disciples began new mission)

40 days the quarantine is projected to last
(41 will come on April 30th)

Even if the Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine doesn’t end on April 30th, the message is clear… Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Day 41 is on its way!


3 Thoughts

  1. Brother Chuck, you always encourage me. #41 will come! Believing that for This Life We Share as well. It’s the toughest time in our generation to release a book baby into the world, but God will fulfill His purposes for us!

    1. Always a blessing to hear from you, Maggie! And you are, likewise, an encouragement to me. So excited for the release of This Life We Share!!! You must come on my podcast to talk about it!

  2. Pastor Chuck, you always have a up lifting or encouraging word to say about everything. I’ve known you as long as Savannah’s age. you and your Father have been placed in my life. I have grown a lot from receiving from both of you. and it was a blessing to teach the children at Rock Church. love you and your family. Bob Gebhart. better known as Spongebob.

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