Quote of the Day:
“The success of God’s plan is not dependent on MY ability to execute them. He will not be handcuffed by my failures or unleashed by my accomplishments. He is BIGGER than that.” ~Jon Acuff

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 3:5
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.”

Today’s Bible Reading: Daniel 10
In today’s Bible reading we read the words of the angel who came to Daniel, “I have come in answer to your prayer.” I love this! God is listening to our prayers. Prayer matters. During this fast we are going to agree together in prayer for 2014 to be the best year we’ve ever had!
RockChurch Prayer Requests
  • That we will stay focused on Jesus
  • This weekend’s special services with guest Scot Mendenhall
  • Changed hearts in our services
  • That we will baptize more people in 2014 than any other year
  • That we will make disciples
  • Financial increase to run with the vision God has given us
  • Team RC staff, leaders, volunteers
  • For more people to join Team RC in serving in some capacity
  • Favor
Individual Prayer Requests
  • Michael (giving up Facebook for 10 days)
  • Ben (giving up cigarettes)
  • TJ (giving up sweets)
Click HERE for complete details about this Daniel Fast.

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