From Pizza to Eternity

Brandon visited RockChurch for the second time last Sunday morning. 
His first visit came via pizza delivery. Brandon works for Pizza Hut. A few months ago he showed up to deliver pizzas to our Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace University class. Our facilitator Jeremy had already collected a very large tip. Brandon brought in the pizzas, Jeremy called him to the stage and presented him with his “tip.”
Fast forward to Sunday morning. Brandon decided to give RockChurch a try. Brandon showed up not really knowing what to expect. He enjoyed the service with special guest Tim Gray, but then something epic happened. Brandon responded to Tim’s altar call and committed his life to Christ for the first time!
Tim Gray’s message in a nutshell was, “Do something little that makes a difference.” 
And it was exactly several little tips that turned into one BIG tip that resulted in one young man finding Jesus, thus securing a place in heaven for eternity.
Heart Bomb!
What would happen if we loved, served, and extended generosity to people in little ways just like Jesus did? Together we can make a difference.
Pull the pin and let love explode!

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