Michael Sweet Interview

I just wanted to let you know that that I am interviewing STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet TODAY @ 1:30p (CST) on Facebook Live via Peoria Life on my #41Strong Podcast!


Pray. Vote. Love.


Today is Election Day 2016.


Read the Word of God.

Pray some more.


Follow Jesus.

Love no matter what.

Regardless of today’s outcome, JESUS is still King, and I choose to follow Him…and I will continue to do my best to lead like Him. By the way, just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I don’t love you, but if I can’t disagree “with love,” then I’m not representing Jesus very well. Let’s not forget that we can be right–but if we’re a jerk–no one is listening. The Apostle Paul calls this (and I’m paraphrasing) clanging cymbal syndrome. [See 1 Corinthians 13:1]

And if I allow my passion for politics to supersede my relationship with Christ, then I’m part of the problem.

So…what’s the answer?


Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.
~2 Chronicles 7:14 (NLT)



Best Rain Delay Ever!


If you follow me on social media it will come as no surprise that I’m a longtime Chicago Cubs fan. I lived in Phoenix until I was almost twelve and back then Arizona didn’t have a MLB team–so I grew up watching the CUBS on WGN. Then I moved to central Illinois where you were either a Cubs fan or a Cardinals fan. My loyalty remained with the Cubs and the rest is history.

Last Wednesday’s epic World Series win over Cleveland was so liberating for diehard fans who have literally waited a lifetime to see their beloved Cubbies hoist that trophy! Chicago will no longer be labeled as “Lovable Losers” and ridiculed for never winning it all.

It’s not only remarkable that the Cubs finally won the big one–but how they won–and it all began five years ago when GM Theo Epstein took the helm. Implement a plan to rebuild? Done. Change the culture? Done. Rebrand? Done. Cast a clear vision for winning? Done. You get the idea.

Whether you are a Chicago Cubs fan or not, there are some valuable leadership takeaways from last Wednesday’s GAME 7–and my good friend Chris Papazis (executive pastor of the church I lead) did an excellent job pointing them out in a recent blog post–a post so good that I am sharing it with you!

Did I mention Chris is from New York and is a diehard Yankees fan? You see, you don’t have to be a fan of the Chicago Cubs or even baseball to learn something about life from a game you may not even watch.

Enjoy. Learn. Share.

Click HERE to read today’s guest blog post by Chris Papazis:  Best Rain Delay Ever.



I would love to hear from you! What did you think of my friend’s blog post? Who’s your favorite baseball team? Did you watch Game 7? What was your biggest takeaway?

41 Days Ago…

It’s hard to believe 41 Will Come released a little over 41 days ago! I’m amazed by how God has already used this book in such a short period and I’m excited to see what He is going to do in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Our successful launch wouldn’t have happened without the support of my family, church/staff (RockChurch), agent (Esther Fedorkevich/Fedd Agency), publisher (Tyndale Momentum and Oasis Audio), publicist (Maggie Rowe), endorsers (Mark Batterson, Matthew Barnett, Larry Osborne, Jim Les, Cherie Lowe, Jim Powell, Bob Beeman, Chad R. Allen, Kurt Bubna, Benny Perez), 100 Huntley Street, and of course, the official 41 Will Come Launch Team (Team 41)!

Please allow me to introduce Team 41 to you (in no particular order)! Highlighted names include links to their blogs/websites.

Chris Papazis, John Kiley, Teri Keller, Virginia Riddle, Mike Womer, Jay Ingham, Brayden Perreault, Lisa Marie Wong, Karen Tate, Teressa Turk, Kurt Bubna, Rich Gerberding, Marshawn Stevens, Theresa Noel, Bob Hentrich, Brandon Redding, Zonna Perreault, Lee Crew, Beth Jones, Susie Hoskins, April Mullen, Emily Stinson, Victoria Altorfer, Gregory Altorfer, Michael Noel, Barbara Jackson, Mike Kerby, Lynette Safford, Stacie Myers, Jace Perreault, Pastor Bob Martin, Jessica Farris, Erica Krahl, Becky Mischler, Edward Burge, Michelle Potter, Nick Oyler, TJ Martin, Michael “Blue” Erdmier, Joni Lusher, Gary Hansen, Beth Harkness, Justin Akers, Debbie Seaborn, Melanie Steinseifer, Maureen Gray, Brenda Van Tine, Randy Tramp, Juan Rios Jr., Bernard Barth, Katie McCrary, David Stone, Jeff Stark, JaNelle Eyres, Rebecca Klobucher, J Ketih, Abby Lotz, Beckie Poole, Tabitha Snyder, Lacey Routley, Laura MacNeil, Kimberly Foraker, Catherine Worden, Nicole Salazar, Bob Starr, Darin Stidd, Amanda Nelson, Jason Williams, Jim Culver, Sara Horn, Meliss Klabel, Alma McDowell, Ashley Jackson, Mark Wudtke, LoudSam Howe, Todd Swardenski, Amy Swardenski, Kindall Nelson, Pamela Swan, Brenda Perrine, Nikki Arends,  Daniel Harkness, Nate Westerfield, Charlotte Smith, Nicole Pepper, Beth Terry, Michael Rowe, Sarah Siegand, Trevor Stultz, Chris Safford, Emily Britton-Arnold, Lyle Arnold, Sara Marjanovich, Kim Burd, Cherie Eddyto, Curt Keller, Lisa Dishman, Zach Ayappa, Rebecca Calvin, Anna Johnston, Adrien Nuechterlein, Jeanne Slatkay, and Stacey Thureen.

BTW, if you haven’t snagged 41 Will Come yet, click on the following link for a complete list of online and retail outlets>>> GET THE BOOK!

If you have read the book, would you please consider writing an Amazon review? If so, click HERE.

Click HERE to read what others are saying.

Remember…Always Hold On and Stand Strong!

You Rock.

Holding On & Standing Strong

41 Will Come

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by DevotionsByChris.com about my new book 41 Will Come. Check it out here and read how you can snag a free copy!

Devotions by Chris Hendrix

Chuck Tate is the author of “41 Will Come”. The theme of the book is: In the Bible, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. But day 41 came, and the rain stopped. The people of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Then year 41 came, and a new generation entered the Promised Land. For 40 days, Goliath bullied Israel and dared anyone to fight him. Day 41 came, and David slew the giant. Do you see the theme? Don’t quit. Don’t give up.

Today’s devotion is my interview with Chuck.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned waiting on your own 41?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned during a season of waiting is to trust God no matter what. That’s the bottom line. Trust Him and His Word, but I’ve also learned to trust His timing. There were periods during my “41” journey where I felt as…

View original post 860 more words

41 Has Come!

Launch Week

Day 41 is here.

This week, my book 41 Will Come released everywhere books are sold!

I am humbled, honored, and overwhelmed by how God is already using it, so instead of posting my thoughts, here’s what other people are saying:

“This book reached the depths of my soul and made me laugh, cry, rethink things, and feel hope like I’ve never experienced.”

“This book is full of inspiring real life events that start out with trials and tribulations, but in the end God has bigger plans and a new day dawns in their lives.”

“It is quite an enjoyable read, since he [author] uses humor and encouragement to meet the reader where they are at in their journey as a Christian. Not to mention, not many books will have the word ‘dude’ in them! He’s very personable and engaging with his writing style, similar to Lysa TerKeurst.”

“This book is so full of hope. In a world where it seems tragedy waits for us in every refresh of our inboxes, it’s so refreshing to read something that gives you a heavenly perspective about pressing through difficulty until you see breakthrough.”

“…I couldn’t put it down. It filled me with hope during a time that I had less than none.”

“41 Will Come is a profound book of hope. The author will make you laugh, cry and keep you wanting to read more.”

“This book is refreshing, funny, and inspirational. I know it sounds cliche but I laughed big belly laughs and cried deep real tears as I read it.”

“…You will read it again and again.”

“As a pastor…I would love to say this is one of my personal top 10 books to read, but it’s not. It’s one of my top 3 books to read!”

“Read this book. In fact, read it more than once. Pastor Chuck E. Tate’s 41 Will Come is a treasure-trove of stories about real people overcoming impossible odds in today’s challenging world. I truly believe the whole world needs to read this book. No spoilers here, so snuggle up with your favorite beverage and enjoy all that 41 Will Come has to offer by way of its heaping, mountains of Hope and Humor. You’ll be glad you did.”

Visit 41willcome.com to read the first chapter, view a list of all retail outlets, download  shareable images, and take advantage of some free resources!

Available formats:
Paperback, E-Book, Audible, Audio CD

How you can help:
•Pray that God will use it to unleash hope and fuel faith
•Share on social media
•Write a review on Amazon

MB quote cover

41willcome.com is LIVE!

Holding On & Standing Strong

I just wanted to let you know that 41willcome.com is now LIVE!

We launched the website on June 23–which is also the same day we kicked off the 41-day countdown to the August 1 release date of my book 41 Will Come!

The website includes ordering information, endorsements, image shareables, and more!

Click HERE to check it out!

18 Years of RockChurch


Exactly eighteen years ago—May 31, 1998—one hundred-fifty people showed up on a Sunday night in Pekin, Illinois for a new church plant pastored by two twenty-somethings (me and Annette) whose slogan was (and yes, we have since changed it) “GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD ROCK & ROLL, AND JESUS!”

Little did we know then that our journey would lead us to ten different locations in six cities—that would include nine years of setting up and tearing down—before landing our very own permanent facility (and current location) in East Peoria.

We have learned so much of “what not to do” (including driving to the edge of town to practice leaving), but all-in-all, we wouldn’t change any of it! Who am I kidding, we would change a lot of it—but if we knew then what we know now, we may not have stuck it out.

We are so glad we did. Here’s just one reason.


This is John. He’s holding a $5 gas card that he received from us in the mail after he first visited RockChurch. He returned for a second visit, recommitted his life to Christ, and went public with his faith through water baptism on Easter Sunday. He invited his sister watch him get baptized. She not only attended, but gave her life to Christ!

Back to the picture. He handed the gas card to me and said, “This is what led me to return to RockChurch. I don’t know how much it’s worth—and I don’t care if it’s worth one million dollars—I want to give it back so it can be used again to have the same impact it had on me.”

This is just one example that confirms we did the right thing by sticking it out during our early years, and by early years, I mean the first eleven! We are so grateful for the countless stories of life-change just like this that reaffirm God’s calling on our lives to plant and pastor RockChurch.

And it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team (staff, leaders, and volunteers) that have served alongside us throughout this eighteen year journey to reach unchurched and de-churched people with the Gospel!

We hope to see you soon (in person, online, or via RockChurch app) for some:

Good people (while throwing down some great coffee).

Good rock & roll (full volume worship).

And JESUS (no other way).

The best is yet to come.

RC Logo

5 Inspirational Images

Here are 5 shareable inspirational images I created just for you. Be encouraged…and feel free to share. #GetUpAndDance

the view is better


Don't Suck




You Have What It Takes


Better Than Birds

Dear Christian (22 Things We Need to Quit)

Dear Christian

Before you read the following, I just want you to know that these are things I am guilty of, too. Like I tell my church all the time: “I’m preaching to myself!” When it comes to following Christ, we are all a work in progress.

For those who know me, you are familiar with my personality, so you will be able to decipher my tone and picture me smiling as you read this. For those of you who don’t know me, try to picture me smiling as you read on. So…go ahead and laugh, love, and perhaps even whisper, “Ouch.”

And just so there’s no confusion, the word Christian is defined as someone who professes Christ and embraces His teachings. Not only are the four gospels about Him, the entire Bible is Him because He is the Living Word.

22 Things Christians Need To Quit

1. Quit expecting the world to like you. Jesus said it would hate you.
—John 15:18-27, Matthew 10:22 

2. Quit throwing your own teammates under the bus. We’re called to build each other up, not tear each other down. In fact, Jesus said that our love for each other proves to the world that we are really His true disciples.
—John 13:35, 1 Thessalonians 5:11

3. Quit gossipping. This includes sharing “juicy prayer requests” with no intention of actually praying.
—Psalms 34:13, Psalms 101:5, Ephesians 4:29 

4. Quit replacing prayer with “good vibes” and “positive thoughts.” No. Just no. Prayer moves the hand of God and the hand of God moves the world. Prayer is much more effective than making someone feel warm and fuzzy inside. By the way, I’m not saying positive thoughts and good vibes are wrong (and they do make you feel good), I’m just saying prayer trumps them both.
—2 Corinthians 1:11, Philippians 1:19, Ephesians 6:18, James 5:16 

5. Quit saying repentance isn’t necessary. It is. Jesus said so. And just so you know, there are 53 references to repentance in the New Testament. Now go repent. 🙂
—Matthew 5:17, Acts 3:19, Romans 2:5, 2 Peter 3:9, 1 John 1:9 

6. Quit saying that the “portions of the Bible that make you feel uncomfortable” are irrelevant and nothing more than dated writings. All 66 books, 1,189 chapters, and 31,102 verse are the inspired Word of God. So the next time you think about throwing out the OT, just remember that Jesus quoted it numerous times in all four gospels.
—John 1:1-4, John 1:14, 2 Timothy 3:16 

7. Quit expecting unbelievers/non-Christians to understand the Bible and/or to live like Christ. It’s hard enough for Christians to live like Christ and it’s impossible to do so without Him (until the blinders are removed).
—2 Corinthians 4:4, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 5:24-25 

8. Quit acting like the Great Commission (Go into all the world to preach the Gospel) is the Great Suggestion. It’s a command. Go already.
—Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15 

9. Quit thinking that it’s okay to be silent about your faith. Yes, it’s just as important to represent Jesus by how we live, but someone can’t respond to the Good News without hearing it…and they can’t hear it if no one opens their mouth.
—Matthew 10:27, Romans 10:14-15 

10. Quit being more passionate about your political affiliation than your relationship with Jesus. If 99% of what you post on social media consists of bashing government officials and presidential candidates—you’re doing more damage than good.
—Romans 13:1-7, 2 Chronicles 7:14

11. Quit using the Bible to beat the “hell” out of people. That doesn’t work. Ever. I don’t care if you’re right—if you’re a jerk, nobody is listening. Love wins! (No, I don’t mean the book by Rob Bell.)
—1 Corinthians 13 

12. Quit your legalistic rants, knee-jerk reactions, and judgmentalism. You’re turning people off. You’re making good news bad news. Jesus befriended sinners. Try it and great things will happen.
—Mark 2:17, Luke 5:27-32, 1 Timothy 1:15-16 

13. Quit calling yourself a Christian if you believe there are multiple paths that lead to salvation. Jesus said that He’s the only way to heaven. If you don’t believe Him, you’re not a Christian.
—John 14:6, 1 John 2:4 

14. Quit living like everybody’s going to heaven and nobody’s going to hell. Jesus died so the whole world could be saved, but He said the path to heaven is narrow and few find it. And for the record, He preached more about hell than heaven…but He did it without using a bullhorn and manipulative scare tactics. #LeadLikeJesus
—Matthew 7:13-14 

15. Quit acting like you’re better than those who don’t know Jesus. You’re not.
—Luke 18:19, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11-13 

16. Quit criticizing loving believers who take a Biblical stand for Godly morals and Christian values (that are crystal clear in Scripture) just because you’re too much of a wuss to take a stand yourself. Jesus didn’t call us to be politically correct. Develop some backbone. And yes, I said wuss. And yes, I will repent for calling you a wuss.
—Acts 4-6  

17. Quit pointing out the speck in your neighbor’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own eye. By the way, I can hardly see my computer as I type this because of the log in my own eye.
—Matthew 7:3-5 

18. Quit being a jerk, period. Whatever your position is (on anything), if you can’t communicate it in love, you’re a clanging cymbal and your message is worthless. So yeah, I probably shouldn’t have called you a wuss in #16.
—1 Corinthians 13

19. Quit defending sin. Quit hating sinners. These are equally important. Oh yeah, and lose your critical lens.
—Psalm 97:10, Matthew 22:37-39 

20. Quit using the phrase “he who’s without sin cast the first stone” out of context. The next thing Jesus said was, “Go and sin no more.”
—John 8:1-11 

21. Quit using grace as a license to live however you want. Jesus is grace so don’t trample Him under your feet.
—Romans 6:1-2, 1 John 2:4, Hebrews 10:26-31 

22. Quit using the phrase (when inviting people to church) “come as you are” if you’re going to complain when they start showing up.
—Mark 2:17, Luke 5:27-32 


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