41 Day Challenge

41 Day Challenge

During the last few months I have made trips to Tennessee, Florida, California, and Arizona. This has resulted in very limited personal exercise, zero running, bad eating habits, and minimal designated time for writing projects (aka personal hustle).

Accountability has always been my best friend when it comes to staying on track with all of the above…which is one of the reasons I have conducted past run challenges/campaigns in the first place. It’s so much easier to tackle fitness goals together than go at it alone!

Enter my next campaign.

41 Day Challenge — From Dreaming To Doing

[This begins August 1st and ends at 11:59 PM on September 10th.]

This campaign is different from my previous ones as this time I will focus on more than running. The focus of this challenge is to jumpstart your dream(s)…and it’s easier to run with your vision (pun intended) when you’re healthy physically and spiritually.

My life-verse is Proverbs 16:3 (NLT).

Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.

Dream It. Pray It. Do It.

1. Dream It

What’s your dream? What is something you want to accomplish? What is one goal you want to see jumpstarted during this campaign? Identify it! [For example, the dream that I will be focusing on during the campaign is getting my next book off the ground.]

2. Pray It

This is where we give our dream to God and commit our actions and plans to Him. [For example, since I have identified my dream of getting my next book off the ground, I will saturate this in prayer during the challenge.]

3. Do It

God will always do His part. The question is whether or not I will do my part? This is where hustle (hard work) comes in. [For example, I will be spending my 14 minutes/day of hustle writing my proposal and sample chapter.]

Leaders are learners and learners are readers…which means leaders are readers. Pick at least one book (we will be reading one chapter/day during the campaign) that will help inspire you on your dream journey. [Click here to order my book 41 Will Come.]

Physical Exercises
The physical exercises in this challenge will produce discipline, release stress (and endorphins), and give us the fuel and energy to work on our craft.

Spiritual Exercises
The spiritual exercises in this challenge will produce spiritual discipline, help us stay focused on the right things, and keep our motives in check. Prayer leads to God moving behind the scenes and gives Him the chance to speak back to us.

Vision without hustle is just a dream. It takes hard work and discipline to move from dreaming to doing.

During the campaign I will share (via email) what I’m reading, learning, and struggling with. These emails will also include inspirational memes to help keep you motivated.

Are you in?

Come on!

You can do it!

Let’s do it together!