74 Days – 74 Things — Brave Hope

Hello old friend! It’s been awhile since I submitted a new blog post (10 months to be exact). My family has walked through an emotional and difficult season over the last 18 months due to my wife’s diagnosis of a debilitating chronic pain disease, among other things. After Annette’s recent (successful) surgery, she has rounded a corner. We can see light at the end of the tunnel…and it’s not a train (smile). #41WillCome

While I am working on my official proposal for the follow up book to 41 Will Come, I promise to write a new blog post in the near future. Until then, enjoy this fun and hope-filled post from our dear friend (and office manager of the church I lead) Catherine.

Guest Post 👇🏼

This year, all 74 days of it, has been one of the longest years so far. And we aren’t even through March yet!! There’s so much to write about that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one topic. And so I decided to write 74 things, a list of sorts, from the year […]

74 Days – 74 things — Brave Hope

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  1. Chuck, I miss most of what’s posted online but I’ve been praying for you and Annette and your family. I did not realize Annette was 18 months in already with this serious illness! Please know that when the present chaos passes and the four of you are able to travel again, the doors of Peace Ridge (our new home in NC) are always open to you in case the Tates would like a Smoky Mountains vacation someday.
    Also, my first book is due to release May 5, and a copy is coming your way with my grateful thanks for your cheerleading!

  2. Hey Maggie! It’s so great to hear from you! We really appreciate your prayers for Annette…and we are rejoicing that she is finally improving. We would love to come visit Peace Ridge. It would be so awesome to see you. Can’t wait for your book release…and to have you on 41 Strong Podcast! #YouRock

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