2 Important Easter Reminders

Today is Good Friday. 

Resurrection Sunday is around the corner. 

Between now and Monday our phones and computer devices will be blasted with Easter-related social media posts, pictures, memes, quotes, and videos. In fact, I will do my share of clicking LIKE, sharing, and posting.

Take a look at the following check-lists and determine which apply to you.

Easter Preparation Check-List for Individuals/Families

  • my outfit
  • kids outfit
  • restaurant reservations
  • grocery store run
  • family egg hunt
  • Easter baskets for the kiddos
  • choose which Easter production to attend
  • choose which service to attend
  • family photo op
  • clean the house (for family coming over)
  • insert everything else here ____________________

Easter Preparation Check-List for Pastors/Church Leaders 

  • prayer
  • productions
  • rehearsals
  • practices
  • meetings
  • run-throughs
  • strategies
  • invites
  • social media ads
  • marketing campaigns
  • print materials
  • follow-up procedures
  • service orders
  • bulletins
  • communion elements
  • sanctuary set-up
  • stage design
  • extra parking spots
  • groomed grounds 
  • insert everything else here ____________________

In the midst of a gazillion Easter preparations and posts, don’t forget two very important things this weekend:

1. Celebrate Jesus

2. Enjoy The Journey

If you live in central Illinois, we would love to have you join us at RockChurch this weekend!

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  1. I love what y’all sent out and I love you guys!!! Yes!!! To Always Remember what Good Friday and Easter Truly Is and All About… The Sacrifice on the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus Amen!!! Enjoy the True Meaning and enjoy Family…God Bless you all In Jesus Christ Amen!!!

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