20 Things I’ve Learned From Pastoring The Same Church For 20 Years

After spending more than 8 years in youth ministry, my wife Annette and I moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to central Illinois in December of 1997 to plant a church that would target unchurched and de-churched.

The following words (spoken to me months earlier by a ministry consultant in Tulsa) echoed in my mind just before RockChurch opened its doors for the first time on May 31, 1998: “Chuck, when you move to Illinois to plant your church, start a fire. People will gather to get warm. If you build it big enough, people will come from everywhere to watch it burn.”

We started a fire that night—exactly 20 years ago—and the fire is still blazing, the Gospel is still being preached, and heart transformation is still taking place regularly.

According to LifeWay Research, about 250 pastors leave the ministry each month. You don’t have to be one of them. Here are 20 things I have learned from pastoring the same church for 20 years.


20 Things I’ve Learned From Pastoring The Same Church For 20 Years

1. Run! Get out of town as fast as you can!


Just kidding.

While immensely rewarding, church planting and pastoring is not for those who do it because they think “it would be cool to pastor a church.” You have to be called, period.

ha ha uh oh

2. You don’t know everything, so remain teachable and surround yourself with leaders who are smarter than you.

you don't even know

3. You can’t do everything; especially if you want your church to break through growth barriers. Let qualified people lead.

amateur hour


4. It’s impossible to be friends with everybody—but it’s vital to have a healthy group of close friends you trust and can do life with.

best friends


5. Never implement change just to please someone willing to write a check.

write check


6. I don’t remember who said it first, but when pride walks on the stage, Jesus walks off the stage.

big deal2


7. Transparency is a strength, not a weakness.



8. It hurts when people leave your church; especially when it’s those you have invested in. Sometimes God sends the “right people” only for a season.



9. You and your family should never feel pressured to meet expectations you haven’t agreed to.

heck no


10. It really is possible for your kids to grow up loving Jesus and His Church.



11. Don’t evaluate the success/failure of your church by scrolling through your Instagram and/or Twitter feed.


To quote Rick Warren:

“Bigger’s not better. Smaller’s not better. Better’s better.”

Be better.


12. When someone demands a meeting with you and begins the conversation with, “Don’t worry. We’re not leaving the church,” what they really mean is that they are getting ready to leave your church.

not leaving


13. Never make a crucial decision because someone tells you that “everyone” is complaining, especially if they are not willing to tell you who “everyone” is.


In other words, never respond to criticism from an anonymous source.

i can't tell you


14. Jesus will bless your church in spite of your sin and shortcomings, but character and integrity is essential for longevity.

taste of the glory


15. Sunday afternoon naps are worth more than money.

Rest; Jesus commands it.



16. You will get unfriended and/or unfollowed on social media by people in your church for a variety of reasons; some of the reasons will baffle you.

annoyed friend

Don’t take it personal.

how dare you


17. To quote my friend Jim Powell:

“Sometimes multiplication comes by way of subtraction.”

gotcha thanks


18. Spend time and energy shepherding the sheep you have more than chasing the sheep who left.

Yes, occasionally, you still must leave the 99 to go after the one.

feeding sheep


19. Never compromise your God-given vision.

i know


20. Always preach Jesus, point people to Jesus, keep everything about Jesus, and give everyone an opportunity to confess Jesus; communicate your message each week in such a way that those in attendance will leave talking about Jesus.

that's true


Final Encouragement

Ministry is rewarding in multiple ways, but there will be seasons that are lonely and even gut-wrenching. Remember, the Israelites turned against Moses only three days after being rescued from slavery and being miraculously led through the Red Sea.

Keep leading. God has your back.

“So guard yourselves and God’s people. Feed and shepherd God’s flock—his church, purchased with his own blood—over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as leaders.” ~Acts 20:28 (NLT)

Pastors & Leaders: Out of these 20, which one can you relate to the most? What have you learned from your pastoring experience? What is your most embarrassing moment as a pastor/leader? I would love to hear from you!

How can I pray for you?



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3 Thoughts

  1. Well said. Bless u and family. RC has been my home now since 2004-5. I love my church and the message that u give each Sunday. I was alone and lost until i was guided to RC. God is awesome I see him in all his glory in this world in spite of the evil in this world and feel his presence. The Holy Spirit is strong in me and in our church.

  2. I’m a current ministry student, and seeing all of the helpful quotes is very encouraging and even eye-opening of the future. But I have high hopes.

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