4 Helpful Tips For Inviting People To Your Easter Service

Here is a recent article I wrote for Tyndale House Publishers that offers some helpful tips for inviting people to your Easter service.


As Easter quickly approaches, I can’t think of a better time to be intentional about inviting people to church. You may have heard more than one pastor say, when promoting Easter to a congregation, “This is our Super Bowl!”

Here’s a comparison to confirm that this statement is not all hype:

The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event of the year and the most-watched television program of the year. Likewise, Easter Sunday is the most-attended church service of the year.

Millions of people who watch the Super Bowl typically don’t watch football; and millions of people who attend church on Easter typically don’t attend church.

Allow me to share an example from my home to illustrate this point. My wife hates sports and has zero interest in football, yet she participates every year in preparing food, and yes, she even sits and watches the Super Bowl—not only the commercials, but the game!

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