When It’s Too Good to be True…It Just Might Be Anyway


Today’s Guest Blog Post is from my publicist, Maggie Rowe. Being employed by Tyndale House has allowed Maggie to work alongside some pretty well known authors throughout the years.

What they didn’t know (myself included) is that her own desire was to become a published author–a longing that was recently fulfilled in the most unexpected way.

I can’t help but think of Proverbs 13:12 and how Maggie’s answer to prayer confirms that a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

As you read her words be encouraged by the fact that God is always moving behind the scenes and setting things in motion without our knowledge.

41 will come.

Tuesdays with Maggie

The unexpected knock at the door. The friendly woman motioning to the candy dish on her table at the trade show or the county fair. The smiling guy with the outstretched arm and the clipboard in front of the library.  Have you ever tucked your chin down and quickly turned away?

Of course! We all do it. Who has time for the pitch, the presentation or the proselytizing?

As an assignment for a post-graduate class I’m auditing in spiritual formation, our professor tasked students with planning and carrying out corporate service projects of random kindness and then analyzing interpersonal patterns in group situations.

The reports were fascinating and unexpected. One group of students tried to distribute granola bars, clementines and bottled water at our local train station only to discover that most commuters were reluctant to accept the freebies or ignored the givers entirely. Another task group attempted to hand…

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