41 Days Ago…

It’s hard to believe 41 Will Come released a little over 41 days ago! I’m amazed by how God has already used this book in such a short period and I’m excited to see what He is going to do in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Our successful launch wouldn’t have happened without the support of my family, church/staff (RockChurch), agent (Esther Fedorkevich/Fedd Agency), publisher (Tyndale Momentum and Oasis Audio), publicist (Maggie Rowe), endorsers (Mark Batterson, Matthew Barnett, Larry Osborne, Jim Les, Cherie Lowe, Jim Powell, Bob Beeman, Chad R. Allen, Kurt Bubna, Benny Perez), 100 Huntley Street, and of course, the official 41 Will Come Launch Team (Team 41)!

Please allow me to introduce Team 41 to you (in no particular order)! Highlighted names include links to their blogs/websites.

Chris Papazis, John Kiley, Teri Keller, Virginia Riddle, Mike Womer, Jay Ingham, Brayden Perreault, Lisa Marie Wong, Karen Tate, Teressa Turk, Kurt Bubna, Rich Gerberding, Marshawn Stevens, Theresa Noel, Bob Hentrich, Brandon Redding, Zonna Perreault, Lee Crew, Beth Jones, Susie Hoskins, April Mullen, Emily Stinson, Victoria Altorfer, Gregory Altorfer, Michael Noel, Barbara Jackson, Mike Kerby, Lynette Safford, Stacie Myers, Jace Perreault, Pastor Bob Martin, Jessica Farris, Erica Krahl, Becky Mischler, Edward Burge, Michelle Potter, Nick Oyler, TJ Martin, Michael “Blue” Erdmier, Joni Lusher, Gary Hansen, Beth Harkness, Justin Akers, Debbie Seaborn, Melanie Steinseifer, Maureen Gray, Brenda Van Tine, Randy Tramp, Juan Rios Jr., Bernard Barth, Katie McCrary, David Stone, Jeff Stark, JaNelle Eyres, Rebecca Klobucher, J Ketih, Abby Lotz, Beckie Poole, Tabitha Snyder, Lacey Routley, Laura MacNeil, Kimberly Foraker, Catherine Worden, Nicole Salazar, Bob Starr, Darin Stidd, Amanda Nelson, Jason Williams, Jim Culver, Sara Horn, Meliss Klabel, Alma McDowell, Ashley Jackson, Mark Wudtke, LoudSam Howe, Todd Swardenski, Amy Swardenski, Kindall Nelson, Pamela Swan, Brenda Perrine, Nikki Arends,  Daniel Harkness, Nate Westerfield, Charlotte Smith, Nicole Pepper, Beth Terry, Michael Rowe, Sarah Siegand, Trevor Stultz, Chris Safford, Emily Britton-Arnold, Lyle Arnold, Sara Marjanovich, Kim Burd, Cherie Eddyto, Curt Keller, Lisa Dishman, Zach Ayappa, Rebecca Calvin, Anna Johnston, Adrien Nuechterlein, Jeanne Slatkay, and Stacey Thureen.

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Remember…Always Hold On and Stand Strong!

You Rock.

Holding On & Standing Strong

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