41 Has Come!

Launch Week

Day 41 is here.

This week, my book 41 Will Come released everywhere books are sold!

I am humbled, honored, and overwhelmed by how God is already using it, so instead of posting my thoughts, here’s what other people are saying:

“This book reached the depths of my soul and made me laugh, cry, rethink things, and feel hope like I’ve never experienced.”

“This book is full of inspiring real life events that start out with trials and tribulations, but in the end God has bigger plans and a new day dawns in their lives.”

“It is quite an enjoyable read, since he [author] uses humor and encouragement to meet the reader where they are at in their journey as a Christian. Not to mention, not many books will have the word ‘dude’ in them! He’s very personable and engaging with his writing style, similar to Lysa TerKeurst.”

“This book is so full of hope. In a world where it seems tragedy waits for us in every refresh of our inboxes, it’s so refreshing to read something that gives you a heavenly perspective about pressing through difficulty until you see breakthrough.”

“…I couldn’t put it down. It filled me with hope during a time that I had less than none.”

“41 Will Come is a profound book of hope. The author will make you laugh, cry and keep you wanting to read more.”

“This book is refreshing, funny, and inspirational. I know it sounds cliche but I laughed big belly laughs and cried deep real tears as I read it.”

“…You will read it again and again.”

“As a pastor…I would love to say this is one of my personal top 10 books to read, but it’s not. It’s one of my top 3 books to read!”

“Read this book. In fact, read it more than once. Pastor Chuck E. Tate’s 41 Will Come is a treasure-trove of stories about real people overcoming impossible odds in today’s challenging world. I truly believe the whole world needs to read this book. No spoilers here, so snuggle up with your favorite beverage and enjoy all that 41 Will Come has to offer by way of its heaping, mountains of Hope and Humor. You’ll be glad you did.”

Visit 41willcome.com to read the first chapter, view a list of all retail outlets, download  shareable images, and take advantage of some free resources!

Available formats:
Paperback, E-Book, Audible, Audio CD

How you can help:
•Pray that God will use it to unleash hope and fuel faith
•Share on social media
•Write a review on Amazon

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  1. Congrats Chuck! Thank you for sharing your story, words of wisdom and voice of eternal optimism. 41 Will Come was a a great and inspirational read that had really served as a source of encouragement. I am sure I reflect upon the lessons often as I experience the giants in my way over the course of life’s various seasons. Many blessings to you and yours!

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