Shoot Me Now

September is Suicide Prevention Month so I want to reblog this post by by the daughter of a man who ended his own life in March. I had the honor and privilege of baptizing Michael when he went public with his faith while attending RockChurch. In fact, I’m aware of at least five families from our church who have lost a child to suicide over the last two years.

Suicide is a very real dilemma that needs to be addressed and approached with compassion and grace. Sal’s words do just that by offering comfort, insight, and instruction from someone who is still walking through the valley.

As you read the following words let me remind you that JESUS will sustain you in your suffering.


We’ve all heard someone who has said that phrase, or a phrase similar to it like, “If that happens, I’m just gonna kill myself,” or “Kill me now,” etc. Phrases like this are just in our everyday conversations, and no one really thinks twice about them because, obviously, the people aren’t serious when they say them. They are just words that get said when you need to blow off some steam because you are at your wits end with a situation. I get it. I say them too. There are days when I am in a predicament that I don’t really want to be in but am forced to be there for whatever reason. When that happens, my best friend will 9 times out of 10 get a text message that says, “ugh…kill me now!” She just laughs and says, “that bad, eh?” And then we continue on with our conversation…

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