Re:Write Notes, Tweets, and Highlights – Day 2

Here are my notes and highlights from DAY 2 of ReWrite Conference in Austin, TX.
[You can read my notes from Day 1 by following this LINK.]

*Disclaimer: I wear hearing aids, which means my translation of what was said is sometimes slightly off. Maybe I’m not the most qualified person to dictate, nonetheless… Lol.

Day 2 – Re:Write Notes, Tweets, and Highlights

Claire Diaz-Ortiz // Twitter For Authors

5 Simple Steps for Excelling on Twitter

  1. Target
  2. Write
  3. Engage
  4. Explore
  5. Track

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Susan May Warren // Plot Your Story From The Inside-Out

What is the theme of YOUR story?

Your theme leads to your story question.

Everything you are comes out of your heart.

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Ted Dekker & Rachelle Dekker // Becoming A Writer


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Ted & Rachelle

Chad Allen // Why The Strongest Thing You Can Do Is Embrace Your Weakness

What is the one thing keeping me from doing my best work?

Be vulnerable.

We have to embrace the idea of small things.

We have to embrace the idea of creative tension.

*Chad was instrumental in helping me navigate the book proposal process through his Book Proposal Academy. In fact, I’m convinced that my winning proposal for Re:Write Contest, besides my actual concept and sample writing, was a direct result of completing BPA. Chad’s wisdom, insight, and hands-on approach was immensely helpful. If you’re in the process of writing a book or proposal I highly recommend enrolling in BPA. Click HERE for more information. 

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Ruth Soukup // Building Your Platform Through Pinterest

Pinterest is the 4th most popular social media network.

  • 250 million unique visitors per month
  • Average visit is 15.3 minutes long
  • Pinterest does not store content, only images that LINK to other content
  • Blogs are the most pop destiny of click-through

Strategy 1 //  Create Highly Pinnable Content

What makes highly pinnable (not be confused with pinball) content?

  • Pin worthy content helps the reader solve a problem.
  • Pin worthy content makes the reader want to read right now.

3 Elements of a Perfect Pin

  1. Fantastic Content
  2. Eye Catching Graphic or Photo
  3. Compelling Description (Make a description!)

Strategy 2 // Improve Your Pinterest Presence 

  • Inject your personality
  • Make it visually appealing
  • Add descriptions to your boards

Strategy 3 // Employ a Strategic Pinning Plan

  • Use collaborative boards to expand your reach
  • Join as many collaborative boards as possible
  • Use Facebook to find boards

Pinterest resource:
Go to for more Pinterest awesome sauce from Ruth.

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George Barna // Lessons Learned On The Way To Being Published

Common Indicators of Success

  • Industry indicators
  • Qualitative
  • Legacy
  • Lifestyle
  • Career

Don’t measure your church’s success by attendance. If you measure how many people are coming to Christ you will be a megachurch. It’s not about how big your church is. It’s about life-change.

The average price of a book has dropped over the last 5 years by 40%.

Best sellers made up 1% of titles released last year.

Future Challenges

  • Resale of digital books
  • Battle for ownership of digital content
  • The emerging audience of readers

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Mark Batterson // Keynote – Banquet

Mark Batterson was the keynote speaker for the closing session/banquet. I didn’t bust out my laptop and take notes because I wanted to soak in his faith-building session about “The Power of a Single Seed.” I did, however, write down some of the awesome sauce he shared in the panel.

  • Word of mouth books are word of mouth books…if they’re life-changing.
  • Take every thought captive and write it down. Sometimes that book doesn’t want to obey us. #WritersBlock
  • There are no shortcuts. If you’re called by God to write, WRITE.
  • Don’t worry about getting published. Don’t worry about finding an agent. Write.
  • Be in for the long haul.
  • Don’t worry about the outcome. Eventually God will show up and show off!

Holy Spirit + Caffeine = Awesome

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*I don’t want to leave out this year’s amazing emcee – Julie Carr. She is constantly dropping compelling and inspirational content via Twitter. Follow her HERE.

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