2014 Sermon Series Breakdown


This is the breakdown of all twelve sermon series conducted in 2014 at RockChurch. You can visit our Vimeo page to watch each service. Contact me if you wish to have additional graphics and content. Let’s work together to build the Kingdom! #TeamJesus

Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy

•Unashamed of the Gospel

•Live different

•Religion kills

•Fireproof faith

•Truth vs tolerance


Flip The Switch 

•Circle your Jericho

•Faith that feels foolish

•Desperate prayers

•Pray through


LOL :: Laugh Out Loud 

•Life of laughter

•Happiness vs joy

•Quit complaining

rockstar jesus

JESUS :: More Than A RockStar 

•Jesus vs religions & cults

•10 Facts that put Jesus above all others

•Prophecies fulfilled when Jesus showed up

•Prophet, priest, and king


Life Of A Warrior

•Know God, stand firm, take action

•Father’s Day (Gideon)

•The Cause of Christ

•Live like we’ve won, dangerous distractions

24 Series_Chuck


•Dave Mudd (Consumers or contributors)

•Chris Papazis (Understanding the times & knowing how to respond)

•Jack Bauer of the Bible (Apostle Paul)

•5 Characteristics of the church

Leave A Mark_SLIDE

That Will Leave A Mark

•Creating moments

•Receiving moments

Wlater Mitty

Movie Madness

•God’s Not Dead (10 Reasons why you must take Bible literally)

•When The Game Stands Tall (Standing tall, Acronym for EFFORT)

•Dumb & Dumber (5 Dangers of dumbness)

•Secret Life of Walter Mitty (From dreaming to doing)

LESLIE RENKEN/Journal Star  The old State Hospital in Bartonville.

Walking Dead

•The devil

•The unseen (demons)

•The unseen (angels)

•The Holy Ghost

epic 2

EPIC :: Stories That Matter To God

•Jesus sees you, knows you, wants to use you & your story

•Roger Schenck – Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

•Blaine Bartel – 12 Lies I told


Give. Thanks.

•Give: God wants your heart

•Give…with a thankful heart


EPIC Christmas

•The Backstory

•Mary’s Story

•Jesus’ Story

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