12 Reasons You’ve Got To Be At RockChurch This Weekend!

Second Chances
#1 You will receive a second chance.

#2 Your kids will have the best 70 minutes of their week.

#3 You will be high-fived more than once.

#4 You will get to see my friend Oj jump up & down while slapping the bass.

#5 You will laugh. In church? Yep.

#6 You will fit in.

#7 There’s a strong possibility you will be hugged.

#8 You will receive a good cup of coffee and some hope.

#9 You will get at least one song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

#10 Our new chalkboard wall is pretty cool.

#11 You will want to come back…and bring your friends.

#12 You will feel God’s presence and ask yourself, “Can this really be happening?” The answer is, “YES.”

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