“Getting Past Your Past & Putting Power In Your Present” Seminar

Blaine Seminar

Saturday, November 15
9AM – 12PM
$10/Ticket (Breakfast Included)

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For many in life, their greatest enemy isn’t a person, external obstacle or impossible situation—it’s a bitter struggle with their past. Others are simply stuck in the mire of a present nightmare that seems to start again in the dread of each new day.

“Getting Past Your Past & Putting Power in Your Present” is a robust and highly practical seminar presented by Blaine and Lori Bartel. In each empowering session, Blaine and Lori share the candid and inspiring story of their recovery from the paralyzing effects of divorce, addiction and a deadly depression. They will share the often overlooked and practical steps that so many hurting people fail to see in learning how to laugh, love and live again! You will be drawn in by the unique “edge of your seat” format of this seminar. There are no long, dragged-out “we talk-you listen” discourses, but rather an interactive, engaging and fast-paced journey to the heart of God, where grace and freedom come. Our time together will be culminated with the receiving of the blood and body of Christ at the communion table and the anointing of oil for healing of the body and soul.

If you’re ready to make peace with your past and rediscover purpose in your present, make plans now to participate in this transformational gathering.

*Can’t afford a ticket? We’ll give you one. Call 309.699.4762 or email seminar@rcpeoria.org.

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  1. Getting past my PAST and putting power in my PRESENT is my daily mission. I have overcome some extreme difficulties in addiction and internal deamons. If anyone feels even the slightest situation is impossible, YOU SHOULD ATTEND a seminar such as this one. IT will change YOUR LIFE for ever. IT DID MINE.

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