An Open Letter to Those Hurt By Christians

To all my friends who have been hurt, lied to, and/or judged by Christians…I am sorry. I am personally sorry for my own contribution to you feeling the way you do, too. I, like many Christ-followers, don’t always represent Him the way I should. Life is messy because people are messy. This means church is messy.

The good news is and the fact is that Jesus came for messy people.

RockChurch is far from perfect. In fact, you could call us a messy bunch of misfits who love Jesus. So, here’s to hoping you can accept my apology, set aside your ill feelings toward “Christians” and join us. We’ll be waiting with a fresh cup of coffee and some earplugs if you need them.

RockChurch is loud.
RockChurch is messy.
RockChurch is full of people just like you.


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  1. Good way to say it PC! I too am sorry for anything I have done or said to hurt someone. I know I am too judgmental and love some good gossip. I also know these are sinful and covered by God’s grace…..but I need to stop doing it.

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