How Should We Worship

Here’s the latest post by our worship pastor, Lance Van Tine. Worth the read. #FoodForThought


If I were God I think I would be sick of hearing how great i am in the same way, the same four chords droning on and on. Why is it that we feel okay returning week after week with the same sounds, the same words, the same unchanged hearts, reaching the same people in the same place they were the week before, and still hoping for change? I feel like all we do is get stuck in our own glory days! Look at the Pentecostal churches: They are still singing the same 20 minute songs with the same phrases spoken in tongues, or the Southern Baptists: they are still singing the same hymns they were singing in their glory days 100 years ago, or even the Orthodox and Catholic churches: they are still stuck in the chants that they sang 500 years ago. Now here we are with our CCLI…

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One thought

  1. In one sense, I like this a lot because I like variety. We should change it up once in a while just because going over the same path again and again produces a rut.

    In another sense, I wonder if it is anthropomorphism of God. In simpler terms, viewing God as if He has the same characteristics as man. We are made in His image. he is not made in ours. So it is very important that we study to view God as He sees Himself, not as we perceive him to be through our dark veil. This can only be done by having God speak to us through the Holy Spirit.

    That being said, I still believe Lance is right. I believe that God likes variety even more than I do. For example: Have you ever seen 2 trees that are exactly alike? Two animals? Two people? Look at all of the wonder of the myriad of animal and plant species on this earth. It’s clear that God likes variety.


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