Is Jesus Really Alive?

It’s not debated that Jesus really existed. It’s not debated that Jesus was crucified. It’s debated whether or not Jesus was, in fact, raised from the dead. Some people mistakenly believe that he somehow miraculously survived the crucifixion and was found alive in the tomb on the third day. 

It’s historically documented that Jesus was beaten, whipped thirty-nine times with a cat o’ nine tails that marred him beyond recognition, had a crown of thorns shoved deep into his skull, was nailed to a cross with spikes driven through his hands and feet, and then had a professional Roman executioner thrust a spear into his side, thus confirming his death. The body of Christ was taken off the cross, wrapped in a mummified state, and placed in a cold, dark tomb for three days.

If Jesus survived all of that, that’s perhaps a greater miracle than being raised from death!

Another debate is that his body was stolen. If this is the case how do you explain Jesus being seen alive by his disciples and others on several occasions and by as many as 500 eyewitnesses on at least one occasion? Again, we have historical documents and manuscripts that validate that people watched him die…and then saw him alive three days later.

Furthermore, if the body of Jesus was really stolen then how do you explain the transformation of character by his disciples? They went from abandoning him when he was arrested to laying down their lives as martyrs for preaching that he was alive.

We have circumstantial evidence that Jesus is alive.
We have archaeological evidence that Jesus is alive.
We have historical evidence that Jesus is alive.
We have scientific evidence that Jesus is alive.
We have millions of personal accounts giving testimony that prove Jesus is alive.

When objectively examining all of the above I have come to the conclusion that it requires more faith not to believe in the resurrection.

My God’s not dead. He’s surely alive.

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  1. So a guy named ‘Jesus’ lived and got himself crucified for blasphemy or the secular equivelant. There is no corroborating evidence that it happened as stated in the gospels, nor any for the supposed miracles. To say that a ‘jesus’ lived at the time is like saying that a dominic lives in NYC right now. This alone does not prove the miracles, birth, resurrection, or any of the supernatural traits attributed to such a person in a lone source. What you’re doing here is much like thinking a Dan Brown novel is true because it contains some seemingly related facts.

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