Weekly Wrap :: WORD UP! (Part 5)

Here’s my weekly recap from Sunday’s (3.18.12) three worship experiences:

  • Fun, fun day. Loved worship and had a blast with the message! As a preacher, there are certain days when you feel like you’re “in the zone.” Sunday was one of those days.
  • Song list: Happy Day, Desert Song (complete with…yep, a flute), Hosanna, You’ll Come
  • We had the privilege of dedicating about 21 babies/children (3 services). What an honor to speak into the lives of parents and commit their kids to Jesus.
  • In Part 5 of our Word Up! series we focused on the phrase, “I will do what it (the Bible) says to do.”
  • I shared two jokes during the message. The first one was mediocre, but the second one killed. You can hear them both HERE.
  • Our key passage focused on faith and actions in James 2:14-26.
  • Noah said YES = family saved.
  • Joshua said YES = walls of Jericho fell.
  • Gideon said YES = supernatural victory.
  • David said YES = slew Goliath.
  • Daniel said YES = rescued from lions.
  • Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego said YES = rescued from fiery furnace.
  • Jonah said NO = Uh-oh.
  • See Acts 4:19-20, 5:28-29, 40-42 for an example of unshakeable obedience by Peter and John.
  • We compared the boldness of Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, and American Idol contestant Colton Dixon. Talked about this article about Colton Dixon.
  • Shared 3 enemies of the Gospel (compiled from Tullian Tchividjian’s book Jesus + Nothing = Everything).
  • 1. Legalism 2. Performancism 3. Moralism (Listen to podcast for complete descriptions.)
  • “The great mistake made by people is hoping to discover in themselves that which is to be found in Christ alone.” ~A.W. Pink
  • The Gospel is for losers.
  • Excerpt from Jesus + Nothing = Everything: The biggest lie about grace that Satan wants the church to buy is the idea that it’s dangerous and therefore needs to be kept in check. By believing that lie, we not only prove we don’t understand grace, but we violate gospel advancement in our lives and in the church by perpetuating our own slavery. The truth is, disobedience happens not when we think too much of grace, but when we think too little of it.
  • Obedience = saying no to the things God hates and yes to the things God loves.
  • Will we obey Jesus?

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