Weekly Wrap :: WORD UP! (Part 4)

Kicking services Sunday! Here’s some feedback and takeaways:

  • Worship: “It was raw, organic, and not forced. Really good!” ~Maureen Gray / I agree. Loved it!
  • Song List: Happy Day, Like a Lion, Rooftops, How He Loves Us
  • We rocked Part 4 of our current Word Up series in the first two services and God had other plans for the 11:45 service!
  • This week’s sermon subtitle: “I can do what it (the Bible) says I can do.”
  • Wish we video-taped our services (coming soon BTW) to capture my “leap of faith” illustration on my swivel stool. That could have ended bad.
  • Key Verse: Philippians 4:13
  • You will have to listen to the podcast to hear my joke about the nun who ran out of gas. 🙂
  • Key Passage: Hebrews 11 (Hall of Faith)
  • We talked about having “reckless” faith and becoming a “reckless” church. [Don’t take out of context. See definition below and listen to podcast for complete explanation.]
  • Reckless = utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action.
  • A “Reckless Church” transforms: 1. The ordinary into extraordinary 2. Consumers into contributors.
  • Maureen Gray was our keynote speaker for our Ladies Conference so I asked her to share during our third service about a recent trip to Cambodia. And share she did! Unbelievable story of being rocked by a mission’s trip and some amazing testimonies including the healing of an elderly blind woman! This was one of those services where the Holy Spirit just took over. I had Maureen keep going, then we called the worship team up, had an altar call for those who needed a miracle, and had Maureen pray over everyone at the altar. It was a refreshing time of prayer and worship!
  • You can listen to Maureen’s testimony here. (Scroll down to the bottom.)
  • I’ll sign off with the following tweet I shared…

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