Pink Spoons & Dresser Drawers

Well, it’s hard to believe that January 2012 is already in the can and February is cruising right along! Here are some highlights, takeaways, and future forecast:

  • We distributed New Year’s Day “ONE” DVD’s to over 200 families and had over 250 online downloads. Missed it? Watch HERE.
  • RCBand & worship led all month by Dave Mudd = off the hook!
  • 4 week tag-team series with Dave Mudd called “Open Your Drawers :: IDOL Exposed.” What a blast! Definitely one of the most enjoyable series we’ve ever done. Sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Mudd.
  • Drawer 1 :: I = We are selfish (we elevate self above God)
  • Drawer 2 :: D = Almighty dollar (we elevate money and stuff above God)
  • Drawer 3 :: O = Others (we elevate others above God)
  • Drawer 4 :: L = Lordship (God doesn’t want to be your top drawer. He’s the entire dresser!)
  • Dave & I handed out pink Baskin Robbins spoons in week one to serve as a reminder that we were created to serve (God and others). 
  • Forks are for stabbing, knives are for cutting, spoons are for serving.
  • We handed out flashlights during week 2 to serve as a reminder that we need to continue to seek God (Matthew 6:33) first in everything.
  • We handed out Team RC volunteer cards in week 3. The results astounded me as 135 new volunteers joined Team RC!
  • 613 people showed up for week 4! We handed out communion elements and closed the service by worshipping and partaking communion together. Several first-time salvations and commitments were made!
  •  We’ve had over 700 podcast downloads for this series! Listen HERE or via iTunes. (And there have been downloads from 29 countries!)
  • Auditioned between 30-40 people to join our worship team (RCBand). I’m still blown away by the talent that was represented. Dave Mudd has overseen the entire process and has placed together three worship teams and is still organizing call backs and a second audition.
  • February 2 marked our three-year anniversary in our permanent home. We have tripled in size since then! To God be the glory!
  • Over 50 Team RC volunteers/staff joined us for an amazing morning of leadership training with my good friend and national communicator Blaine Bartel.
  • Over 500 people experienced Team Xtreme last Sunday! Big thanks to Pastor Pete Hutchinson for being passionate about our families…and for breaking a bunch of stuff. Hi-yah!
  • I missed Team Xtreme, but loved my experience preaching at Richwoods for all 4 services last weekend! Pastor Jim is a pastor of pastors and a leader of leaders. Click HERE to listen to my message “Rebuilding What’s Broken.”
  • We are averaging 555 people each Sunday in 2012 = new attendance record!

The following has me excited about the future:

  • FOCUS Groups 2nd semester. Not in one? Email us (
  • New WORD UP! series begins this Sunday!
  • My friend Tom Elmore will join us February 26. (Tom is a church planter in Houston and former youth pastor for Joel Osteen.)
  • Ladies Pamper Night! Okay, I’m not excited about this, but my wife Annette is.
  • First-ever RC Ladies Conference featuring Maureen Gray and Kimber Rising!
  • KidsQuest Easter Egg Hunt & Easter production
  • School of Rock membership series
  • Annual RC Marriage Encounter
  • You

Mark 12:29-31 (NLT)
Jesus replied, “The most important commandment is this: …And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.’ The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’No other commandment is greater than these.”

Love Jesus.
Love People.

Spoons are for serving.

Getchyerself one,


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