Super Sunday – Weekend Wrap

After being buried in the house for three days and missing Wednesday night compliments of #Snowocalypse2011 I was more than ready for RockChurch on Sunday! Apparently so was everyone else as we rocked our attendance record with 557 people! It’s hard to believe just two years ago we only had one Sunday service and 200 people. God is faithful.

@RCBand kicked off Super Sunday with Better Is One Day (Chris Tomlin), followed by My Heart Your Home (Lp), and ended with John Wheatley leading us in the oh so worshipful anthem Surrender (Lincoln Brewster). In the 11am service Lp replaced My Heart Your Home with Everlasting God (Lincoln Brewster). I gotta say that I loved the instrumental band jam for offertory! I say we put that on the next RC record.

@RCBand featured a different lineup in the 4pm service with Never Let Go (Matt Redman), Psalm 9 (Lp), and Better Is One Day (Chris Tomlin).

Is it just me or should Tara Ingham (handles our weekly announcements and wife of our children’s pastor – Chad) do voiceovers for a living? Love the voice.

It was nice for me personally to have a break from preaching and what better guest than RC’s Pastor Pete Hutchinson! Pastor Pete & Kim are the founders of Kid Crusader Ministries & Team Xtreme and are supported monthly by our mission’s program as they travel the country and Canada ministering to families.

Team Xtreme featured students from Great Heights Tae Kwon Do and Kurtz’s Tae Kwon Do. The Tae Kwon Do demonstration was laced throughout Pastor Pete’s message entitled God Almighty!

Highlights and Takeaways:

  • Lots of broken boards, bricks, kicks, and “High-yah’s!” It was Power Team meets Chuck Norris!
  • Mark Rogers flipped so high during his stunt I thought he would catch his foot on one of our lights hanging from the ceiling. I’m kidding of course, but that was pretty awesome.
  • Pastor Pete (a black belt I should add) pounded his fist through three bricks displaying some sheer power.
  • I especially enjoyed the little ones. My 6 year old daughter Savannah even broke a board. Proud papa.
  • Pastor Pete’s message God Almighty was a reminder how powerful our God is. I liked the angle of God is a show off!
  • The personal testimonies he shared were great faith booster’s that God does still perform miracles.
  • “My God’s a show off! He shows us his amazing power in unmistakable ways to grab our attention to share His message of love for us!” ~Pastor Pete
  • Feedback via Facebook from an RC member: “Amazing Morning at RockChurch !! Thank You for such a direct word God and what a fun delivery !! Go Pastor Pete Hutchinson!! I will fight because the future seems so CLEAR to me. I will do what God provides the strength for me to do!! With God there is no such thing as NO HOPE. Making Memories one moment at a time !!”
  • Several people surrendered their lives to Christ in the 11am & 4pm services. Beautiful.

We had a packed house for our Super Bowl Party immediately following our 4pm service. Fun time…even if the Pack did win. 😉 By the way, I love all our volunteers but I must give a big SHOUT OUT to Kim Hutchinson, Julie McVey and all the ladies who slaved in the kitchen and missed the big game! You girls rawk!

Okay RockChurch, let’s continue to stay focused on the vision and mission. We won’t just watch God move; we will be part of it.

Good God Almighty!


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