Loving, Forgiving, Saving (Part 3) – Weekend Wrap

This past Sunday was over-the-top for a number of reasons:

  • First of all, so many responded to the Word! Lots of people recommitted their lives to Jesus. Boom!
  • AMPD Band opened all three services with Loving, Forgiving, Saving. They did an outstanding job I must say, too! I’m so proud of our youth and their willingness to use the gifts and talents for the Kingdom.
  • The crowd was even more energetic and responsive than usual.
  • I enjoyed the presence of the Holy Spirit and His leading. Lp went with the ‘flow’ and switched up the songs in all three services. Cool.
  • We moved a bunch of LFS T-Shirts and CD’s. What a way to release the new song! (BTW, if you haven’t heard it yet, click HERE and enjoy.)
  • Kristie & RCBand nailed Jewel’s Who Will Save Your Soul
  • 512 people attended!
  • Our staff, leaders, and volunteers are awesome.

Song List (9AM)

  1. Loving, Forgiving, Saving (RC original performed by AMPD Band)
  2. Breath
  3. Let It Rise
  4. At the Cross

Song List (11AM)

  1. LFS (AMPD Band)
  2. Breath
  3. Now & Forevermore
  4. I Exalt You

Song List (4PM)

  1. LFS (AMPD Band)
  2. Breath
  3. Lift the Roof
  4. Rain Down
  5. At the Cross

For our sermon we concluded the series Loving, Forgiving, Saving by focusing on Saving.

Sermon Highlights & Takeaways

  • Loved the video clip about Noah. Hilarious. Watch it HERE.
  • So interesting that God was sorry he ever made humans, yet Noah found favor with Him.
  • In the midst of adversity and an overwhelming task, Noah did everything exactly as God commanded him. Props to Noah. See John 14:15.
  • We read Romans 10:5-13. Notice everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
  • Our key character was Nicodemus. Our key Scripture was John 3:1-21.
  • 1. Nicodemus Came to Christ (at night)
  • He was still lost in spite of his: sincere religious faith, his religious office, and spiritual awareness.
  • We drove home the point that it’s not enough to simply believe in God. The devil and his demons believe in God and are still going to hell.
  • Told the story of a man who spent 49 years serving a church and was…lost. He finally got saved at age 83. You can attend church every Sunday and still go to hell.
  • Jesus is the ONLY way to be saved, period.
  • 2. Nicodemus Spoke Up For Christ
  • Will we do the same?
  • 3. Nicodemus Honored Christ (after He was dead)
  • It’s better to give flowers to the living than to deliver them to a funeral.
  • Come to Jesus today, speak for Jesus today, honor Jesus today, worship Jesus today, serve Jesus today, live for Jesus today.

Thank you, Lord…

For Loving
For Forgiving
For Saving…me.


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