Loving, Forgiving, Saving (Part 2) – Weekend Wrap

My heart is bursting with gratitude this morning as I type this while sipping some piping hot coffee that was just delivered. I posted the following on Facebook earlier so why not here, huh?! I lover our church. Not the property, plans, programs, presentations, or performances, but the PEOPLE. You!

Okay, I actually do love all the above, but I love you more because the Church is the people. It was so good to hang out with you this past Sunday. What a great day of fellowship. I was here from 7:45 AM until after the big game, but it was well worth it. I especially enjoyed conversing with some newer RC folks that I haven’t really talked to before. Good times.

Review of 9AM & 11AM:

RCBand was back in full-effect and came flying out of the gate with Your Grace Is Enough! In fact, while the band was rehearsing I ran out of my office and into the drum cage to give Jake a bear hug. “Welcome back” Mr. Slammin’ Hamann!

Here was the complete song list:

  • Your Grace Is Enough (Tomlin)
  • Loving, Forgiving, Saving (Lp)
  • Arms of Mercy (Lp)
  • Rain Down (Crowder) [11AM only. This was a Holy Spirit booyah moment! Good call, Lp.]
  • Amazing Grace (traditional + RCBand equal…well…amazing)

After the usual “This Is My Bible” chant (BTW, I messed it up in the 11AM service) Lp and Kristie delivered a strong electronica performance of Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2.

@Firegod94 tweeted the following shortly thereafter:

OH MY!!! That IS the best version of “In The Name Of Love” I HAVE EVER HEARD! Kristie & @Lp rocked it!!!#RockChurch 

I delivered Part 2 of Loving, Forgiving, Saving. Last week we focused on loving. This week we focused onforgiving.

Highlights and Takeaways: 

  • Read the lyrics again to Lp’s song of the same title. Click here to read them. You will be able to download the song (FREE) this coming Sunday (30th) or purchase a CD for $2.
  • Our key Scripture was Luke 7:36-50 (The Sinful Woman who washed Jesus’ feet).
  • What I love about Jesus is not only did He dine with notorious sinners (liars, thieves, drunks, prostitutes), He even hung out with the religious wolves (and they are the ones who condemned Him for hanging out with the “sinners”). The religious crowd’s motive was usually to trap Him and trip Him up and He would always end up reading their mail. Love it.
  • The one thing I tried to accomplish Sunday was getting everyone to really ”see” how broken and condemned this woman must have felt. She had a horrendous reputation. She was an uninvited guest who must have been scared to death interrupting the meal and approaching Jesus. This was unacceptable behavior in the eyes of the Pharisees. Try to wrap your mind around what was going through hers as she sat the feet of Jesus.
  • She carried her flask of expensive perfume (perhaps the same perfume she had previously used to entice married men or the same perfume used to cover the stench of their bodies after being intimate).
  • She didn’t just weep but cried so hard she was able to wash Jesus’ dirty feet. Simon should have had a servant wash Jesus’ feet but he missed it. This woman did what Simon should have done.
  • Martin Luther referred to her tears as “heart water.” This was a humble act of repentance.
  • She then dried Jesus’ feet by letting down her hair. The Talmud (Jewish commentary) teaches that this very act would be grounds for divorce. Her physical contact with Jesus was unacceptable behavior in their eyes. In the eyes of Jesus this was the right thing.
  • She then anointed Him with her perfume. This was not an erotic effort, but an act of worship.
  • Simon was thinking to himself, “Doesn’t Jesus know who is touching him. Geesh!” Jesus read his mail and basically showed Simon that she was more grateful than he was. 
  • Jesus came for those who know they are sinners, not for those who think they are righteous. This woman knew she was a sinner.
  • I love how Jesus makes Simon look at her. When “religious” people look at others they don’t see a person; they see shame. Jesus said that in Him there is no condemnation. Boom!
  • Jesus acknowledges that her sins are many, but they are forgiven. Wow! He accepts her without approving her sin. Sometimes acceptance looks like approval. Just because we accept a “sinner” doesn’t mean we approve of their sin. So…should we associate with sinners? Yep. Jesus did.
  • Jesus eventually tells her to leave in peace. The woman arrives in pieces, but leaves with peace. I LOVE THIS!!!
  • Final takeaway: 1 – Jesus forgave you so need to forgive yourself. 2 – Jesus forgave you so you must forgive others. (Food for thought: To forgive someone doesn’t mean you approve of what they did to you.) 

NFC Playoff Party Highlights: 

  • The Spread: Wow, talk about some great food! From Daniel fast to now I need to fast again. I don’t know who brought the cheeseburger casserole dealio but I must profess my love for you.
  • The Crowd: We had more people here for a playoff party than any of our previous Super Bowl parties. The foyer was jam packed and the sanctuary had people scattered throughout. I was surprised by how many people stayed for the game.  (Nice, clear picture, too. Thanks, Greg!)
  • The Halftime Message: I took the same message on forgiveness and condensed it to fit in the halftime time-slot. Note to self – Halftime during the NFC Championship is much shorter than the Super Bowl halftime show. Oops. I went three minutes into the 3rd quarter…and thought I was going to get shot. It’s a good thing the message was on forgiveness. 
  • The Game: Couldn’t ask for a better game. Who would have thought the Bears would almost win with a third string QB. Wow. I really thought we were headed to OT, but oh well. 
  • Pittsburg vs. New York. Who cares. Okay, I’m sorry. Forgive me?
  • Go Cowboys! 

Thanks for the food, fun, and fellowship.

We get to do it all over again on Super Bowl Sunday!

Focus 1, Focus 2, Focus…2011, hut, hut…HIKE!


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