Epic Win!


I want to slow down for a second and celebrate some recent “WINS!”

  • 227 people attended our Wednesday night service this week…a record for a regular Wed. service!
  • 54 youth (and leaders) crammed into The Bunker for AMPD…a record for a youth service.
  • 10 people got dunked Wed. night during a spontaneous water baptism. It was so cool to hear the testimonies as the congregation gathered around the horse trough. (Props to Pastor Juan for filling it with “warm” water.)
  • We are averaging well over 400 on Sundays in 2011. If you include our midweek service the number is closer to 500 (not counting duplicates).

What jazzes me more than anything is the response and feedback regarding the Word. In all the years of RC’s existence I cannot remember a time when so many people were so hungry for and excited about the Word of God! That’s what it’s all about, right? Jesus is The Word.

Don’t forget this Sunday is all about forgiveness…and to repeat Lp, “…you will have the opportunity to practice it” during our NFC Playoff Party!

Thank you for serving and running with the vision!

Enjoy the Ride,


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