Loving, Forgiving, Saving (Part 1) – Weekend Wrap

With RCBand leader and worship pastor Lp waking up sick, Kristie went from assisting role to leading role, along with her husband Jeremy on guitar and Oj on bass. Add them together and = second week in-a-row ala acoustic vibe. [I am hyperventilating at the thought of having drums and our full team back on stage this coming Sunday, not to take anything away from Kristie and the gang…as they still rocked it.]

I am proud that RCBand delivers regardless of who is on the stage and whether or not it’s all electric, all acoustic, or even a mix of the two. One big benefit of going scaled down is being able to hear all the voices (no, not the ones in my head), as in everyone singing and worshiping out loud! Or maybe it’s just my new hearing aids (wink).

Here was the song lineup:
1. Free (Newsboys)
2. Better is One Day (Kutless)
3. More Love, More Power (Jeff Deyo)
4. How He Loves Us (David Crowder)

DJ Ezra mixed us up some turntable delight again during the offering. Nice.

I was pretty stoked about kicking off the new three week series entitled WORSHIP: Loving, Forgiving, Saving. Loving, Forgiving, Saving is the new song penned by Lp that was recently recorded by RCBand and will be available Sunday, January 30 in all three services. You will be able to download the new song for FREE. If you want a CD ($2) you can pre-order by signing up at RC or by replying to this blog.

I began Part 1 (LOVING) by reading the lyrics from Loving, Forgiving, Saving.

Loving, Forgiving, Saving
By Lyndon Perry

how could you love  
the me only you see
you are so good to me

how could you want  
this sinner’s company
you are so good to me

thank you for loving me
thank you for forgiving me
thank you, Lord, for saving me

how I was lost
you found me worth rescuing
you are so good to me

it took the cross  
to return me to your reach
you are so good to me

you are so good, so good
for loving, forgiving, and saving me (x2)
you are so good, so good

We also introduced our Verse-A-Month which is a verse you’ve probably never heard of: John 3:16.

I’m kidding of course. This is usually the first verse we ever memorize as new believers. In fact, a lot of people are familiar with it before they are believers…thanks to those who hold it up after every NFL field goal! (Side note – Any of you 80’s people remember Steve Taylor’s song/video Bannerman?! Love it. In fact, here’s a link to watch it. Enjoy…and you’re welcome.)

Our central Scripture was Luke 19:1-10 and the amazing story of Zacchaeus.

Here are some key points and takeaways:

  • It’s intriguing that the very ones who were so stoked about Jesus were the ones blocking Zacchaeus’ view.
  • Want to see Jesus? Look past yourself.
  • The people were displeased that Jesus went to eat with such scum. When was the last time you saw someone at church and thought to yourself, “What are they doing here?”
  • Have we ever judged someone’s salvation by thinking out loud, “I don’t think they are really saved.”
  • Jesus loved Zacchaeus enough to stop everything he was doing and hang with him. Who do need to hang with?
  • While Jesus did hang out with sinners; he didn’t sin with them. Are we willing to do the same?
  • We read Mark 2:13-17. Jesus came for the sick, not the healthy. The next time you look at someone self-righteously remember…that used to be you.
  • Showed a powerful video clip from Annie Lobert’s TV program Hookers: Saved on the Strip.
  • Wrapped up the sermon with Romans 8:31-39. Nothing can separated us from the love of Jesus!
  • Nothing you can do will make Jesus love you less.
  • Nothing you can do will make Jesus love you more.
  • Jesus loves you, period.

Highlight of the day: All of those who responded to the altar calls Sunday! If the angels in heaven rejoice when ONE sinner repents we should, too. Go ahead, let out a big WOO-HOO! (Sorry if I just got you in trouble at work.)

Over 400 people have attended RC each Sunday this year; not too shabby considering the cold weather we’ve had. Pumped about 2011 and all that God has on our horizon!

Let me wrap up this weekend wrap by sharing something I read this morning in Larry Osbourne’s book Sticky Teams: “…the best players don’t win championships; the best team does.”

We have an amazing team (staff, leadership, volunteers). Thank you.



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